Your pet’s diet is an important part of its health. If your pet is suffering from a health condition, it is important to listen to your veterinarian’s advice and switch to prescribed food immediately to guide your pet on the path to recovery. Unfortunately, the stock of many animal clinics do not offer a wide variety. That’s why pet owners in Surrey and its surrounding cities look to High Point Animal Hospital. With its wide assortment of prescription of pet food, our stock is made to meet the needs of our patients.

Like you, your pet can suffer from a variety of ailments that can be diagnosed. Often, the treatment for recovery involves prescription pet food. Sometimes, your pet may need a permanent dietary change. It is important that you follow the instructions given by your veterinarian. For such a drastic change of diet to your pet, it is important to contact our Surrey pet clinic for information first. For your convenience, all of our prescription pet food are approved for use by our veterinarians.

Our prescription pet food is rooted in the latest medical science. Each ingredient is carefully selected to formulate specific results in your pets. A therapeutic diet could be the answer if your pet is showing signs of lethargy, stomach issues, or other areas of concern including cardiac health, urinary health, recovery from surgery and illness, joint issues, digestive issues, and weight issues. When we develop a nutrition plan for your pet, we will take into consideration your pet’s age and breed before providing them with a nutritious, palatable diet. For any concerns or questions regarding the brands or ingredients used in our prescription pet food, our staff will be happy to go over the options available to you.

We understand the important of building trust with our customers. High Point Animal Hospital ranks among the best pet clinics in Whalley, in the heart of Surrey.

Schedule an appointment with High Point Animal Hospital and make sure your pet has the happy life it deserves. For all other inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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