Digital pet x-rays are a vital diagnostic tool used by veterinarians to monitor the health of your pet. This process is quick, painless, and provides vital information to help our expert veterinary professionals diagnose a wide range of health problems. It’s not uncommon for pet owners to ask questions about the safety of radiology. Rest assured that this procedure is completely safe and will not cause any harm to your pet. High Point Animal Hospital offers comprehensive x-rays for dogs and cats living in Whalley.

How Does It Work?

Using low-level radiation, an x-ray passes through the animal to project an image onto radiographic film. This provides a clear image of their bones and internal organs, allowing an experienced veterinarian to evaluate your pet’s health. The musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, and genitourinary system can all be viewed with a digital x-ray.


Depending on the severity of the problem, pet surgery may be necessary. Digital x-rays save valuable time when trying to diagnose serious pet health issues so that we can provide the appropriate treatment as soon as possible. High Point Animal Hospital offers expert surgical procedures to treat a variety of acute health issues. Dr. Rameez Sharma has years of experience operating on animals to treat a wide range of problems.

We are committed to providing compassionate care for all of our pet patients and their owners. To learn more about pet x-rays or to request an appointment, call High Point Animal Hospital in Surrey today.

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